The war is over. The invaders won.

For Elder Myrai, Queen of Sangeon, the arrival of invader ships in the Farisles’ skies signals the end of days. It is only through an unexpected alliance that Myrai is able to stay the hand of the Brummen colonisers and establish peace.

The Queen is dead.
Twenty-five years later Myrai’s daughter, Talih, is set to inherit rulership of the Farisles from her father, the Brummen Crown Governor. But when Myrai dies under mysterious circumstances, Talih’s status is thrown into question, as the Brummen move to place one of their own in her mother’s stead.

Long live the Queen.
But Talih won’t go down without a fight. Delving deeper into the secrets surrounding her mother’s untimely death, one thing becomes clear: Myrai’s spirit has come back to haunt. And everyone knows the dead only return when there’s unfinished business to take care of…

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