Her voice brings death…

Growing up in the Sphere of Nilaya with no one but her fussy Caretaker, Rael, for company, 16-year-old Song yearns for a life beyond the wild and lonely shores of her island. All her hopes lie with Lanthir Navarre, Nilaya’s only visitor, and the last surviving member of the Cantor Order — gifted warriors who once protected the Verse from monsters — or so he claims. He alone holds the key to taming Song’s dangerous power.

But when Lan disappears and a mysterious boy shows up on Song’s island bearing the dire warning that Lan is in danger, Song soon learns that more than the fate of the Cantors lies in her hands. Because there’s a monster lurking at the edge of the Verse, and Song’s voice may be the only thing that can unleash it — or finally put it to rest forever.

YA/Crossover Fantasy with a sci-fi twist. Currently on submission, and excerpts have been shortlisted for both the Rivers of London Award (now the Future Worlds Prize) and PRH’s WriteNow Mentorship. A previous version was also a runner up in the WriteMentor Children’s Novel Award.

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